Accueil Actualité SsangYong Voici les premiers Korando C sortis d’usine!

Voici les premiers Korando C sortis d’usine!


Mes chers lecteurs, je vous invite à bien regarder ces photos car vous allez certainement en croiser plus d’un dans l’année à venir!




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3 Commentaires

  1. George

    20 août, 2010 à 16:45

    Very nice. I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been reading various russian websites (viva google translate) it seems that in russia the Korando C will be called the Actyon II. If this is true I take the old Actyon will be killed off then.


    Good evening
    To date, SsangYong has not made a statement saying that the Actyon Korando C replace.
    The problem with Russia is that they have special contracts with SsangYong and they themselves produce some models of the mark in the factory Sollers.

    Hoping to have responded to your message.

  2. Jose Carneiro

    20 août, 2010 à 19:54

  3. George

    22 août, 2010 à 20:10

    Thanks for the reply, any news on the rexton sucessor the « y300″ or now known as the « d200″. And what happened to those test mules that were caught in Spain (in 2008)? Can’t believe its almost two years since the test mules have been unvield.

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